Do you believe in and celebrate the most romantic day of the year? If so the chances are you’re one of the 1 billion people the Greeting Card Association report send Valentines Day Cards each year not forgetting the colossal amounts of flowers, chocolates, and other presents that brought each February 14th. Many just know it as a day of romance to celebrate with those they love, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that there is much more to Valentines Day than meets the eye!

The origins of Saint Valentines Day for example, are often shrouded in myth and confusion. Some have purely linked Saint Valentines Day with the mating season of birds which they believe happens on that date, while others link it to the pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia. The strongest and most frequently reported legend though, reports Valentines Day as a feast day to celebrate a Saint Valentine and his work. While it’s thought that this feast day was set up to honour a Saint Valentine of Rome, a martyr who eventually died for his beliefs, throughout history a Bishop of Terni is often reported to have held the same title.

The confusion over the number of Saint Valentines that lived in Roman times has never been resolved, in fact there have also been reports of a Saint Valentine existing in Africa, but the Roman Priest is the one who is most well known, and it’s him who is thought to have started the tradition of sending love letters and signing them ‘From Your Valentine’.

Love letters and cards is one of the few Valentine traditions that has stood the test of time, though others such as Love Divinations and ‘choosing’ a Valentine perhaps thankfully died out. The Valentines of today is something that means different things to different people. Many will uphold the tradition of sending cards, others will choose from a vast array of Valentines gifts or other presents on the market, while planning an outing to celebrate the day is also popular.

Throughout the pages on this site, you will find ideas for Valentines Gifts, including personalised items, and many different suggestions for meals, day trips, and holidays that could be planned to mark St Valentines Day. For those who’d like to find out more about Saint Valentine, Valentines Day traditions through the ages, and more about the myths associated with this day, there’s some history for you too. Maybe it’s time to look beyond the kisses, cuddles, and Valentine Greetings?